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  • Kristin McIsaac

Why Your Business Needs a Content Marketing Plan

Content is King.

You've heard the phrase, but do you realize how true this saying actually is?

Without creating content, you brand awareness is minimal, you're not driving traffic to your products or services, and you're only going to reach so many people by the word of mouth. With a content marketing plan you create cohesive content, establish your brand identity, increase productivity, improve analytics and get the most bang for your buck.

Content includes a number of different things: images, videos, blog or articles, whitepapers, and ads or promotions. All of the above brings awareness to your brand, builds a trusting relationship between you and your customers. Here are the top reasons a content marketing plan is vital to your overall marketing strategy:

1. Creates Cohesiveness

When you develop a content marketing plan, take a look at your brand as a whole. What message do you want to convey to your audience? What story are you looking to tell? Your strategy should encompass your products or services, the culture or standards on which your company is based, and speaks to your key demographics.

Not every piece of content will be promotional or an advertisement. But all content should be tied together in a way that speaks to the same message and drive them to the same place - buying your product or service.

2. Establish Your Brand Identity

Before we launch into establishing your brand's identity, I want to clarify that your brand identity is not your "Brand". Your brand is a set of intangible assets of a company, service or product. It is a definition of an emotional relationship between customers and the business. Your Brand identity is every tangible asset about your business - the typography, the logo, color palette, packaging, and graphics. Anything that appeals to your senses.

With every social media post, layout of your website, or graphics in your ads - you are establishing your brand's identity and this must remain cohesive to each other so when people see your logo they are tying it to previous exposure to your assets.

3. Bring In New Leads

Lead generation is important for small businesses that rely on consistent traffic to grow their brand and boost sales. Content marketing is not only a great way to generate leads, but it’s also affordable. Though content marketing costs about 62% less than traditional marketing tactics, it generates about 3 times as many leads, according to DemandMetric. The affordability of content marketing makes it a necessary tactic for businesses that want to maximize their budget.

It’s important to note that content marketing is time intensive, and it may also take a few months to generate strong results, but IT DOES WORK! In fact, according to Social Media Examiner, more than 81% of marketers found that their traffic increased by investing as little as 6 hours per week into their social media content.

4. Increase Your Bottom Line

Once you have developed and implemented your content plan, it's time to start refining and analyzing what works and what isn't. As you continue to refine your content to your target audience, you'll begin to see results, thus increasing your ROI. Using the right keywords that your audience is using, find the perfect voice to tell your story, and have content that is appealing and attention drawing are most of the ingredients to what makes a strong and efective content marketing plan.

Fox & Fern Co. Designs has a proven track record of developing effective content marketing plans for various brands. From hunting outfits to manufacturing companies, we dive into your company for a deep understanding of who you are, and the most powerful way to tell your story. If you're ready to build a strong content strategy, and start increasing your revenue, contact us today!

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