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  • Kristin McIsaac

Top 4 Reasons To Have A Digital Presence - No Matter Your Industry

Making it big in business today presents many challenges. In this digital age, traditional marketing efforts don’t produce the same results for every industry. While for some it does still make sense to apply traditional marketing into your overall strategy, you’ll get more bang for your buck if you focus your efforts - and budget - or internet or digital marketing. Big businesses can typically have a much bigger budget for things like broadcast and print-based advertising, and promotional campaigns because they have enough capital. Small businesses, on the other hand, have limited resources, so there are fewer options for flyers, calling cards, or brochures. However, the internet has changed the playing field drastically and provides similar opportunities for marketing to every type of business. This tactic is not only affordable, but is also an extremely effective form of marketing for most businesses. Which is why the number of businesses focusing on a strong online presence is growing.

If you still need convincing, let’s break down the top 4 reasons your business should be focusing on building a digital presence.

1. Brand Awareness

Let consumers and future customers know who you are! Show off your personality and business culture through a custom website or social media. Let your audience know what type of organization you are, what you stand for, and why they should be doing business with you through unique content tailored to your brand. Fox & Fern Designs offers full-service social media packages which includes monthly content specifically developed to fit your brand’s voice and identity.

2. Brand Validation

84% of consumers research a company before deciding on doing business. When your company does not have a website or online reviews, it’s harder for customers to validate their reasoning for giving you their business. By creating a website and social media platforms, this not only gives people easy access to company information, but also the confidence and validation that you’re A) a legitimate company, and B) tells your companies story by giving history, services offered, pricing on products, and shows your business values.

3. Reviews and Testimonials

The majority of business today relies heavily on reviews and testimonials from customers. 74% of consumers make their decisions on which product to buy based on reviews alone. Reviews gives potential customers a realistic peek into what they are getting when ordering your products. The more reviews you have, the more confidence consumers have in your company. Good reviews -> More Sales = Success!

4. Stand Out From the Competition

Believe it or not, many industries don't see digital marketing as an affective strategy. Many of these organizations are quite antiquated when it comes to new marketing tactics, and let me tell you - it's ok to stand out from the crowd! In fact, by introducing a digital marketing strategy, you will be seen as an innovative leader in your industry, which can lead to more business. This allows you the opportunity to reach a larger audience since you will be ranking in search engines when people search your keywords.

So, we know that establishing or strengthening your digital presence brings validation and awareness to your brand, puts you ahead of the competition, and has been proven more affordable that traditional marketing tactics. Fox & Fern Designs can help tell your story effectively and provide you with the keys to a great digital marketing strategy. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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