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Web Design

For Prairie Limits Outfitters, I have served as brand stylist, web designer and developer, and copywriter. Starting with brand guidelines and logo design, we've evolved Prairie Limits into a cohesive brand with fully responsive website, merchandise, marketing materials, and forms and documentation to welcome incoming guests.

Content Development

I have been a content developer the majority of my career. Mostly B2B and technical work, the industries I've covered have ranged from plumbing, automotive, manufacturing, and packaging. At the link below is a brochure from an automotive supplier that covers their entire product line.


I was responsible for connecting written and visual content in a way that allows the customer to have full understanding of the brand they are purchasing from - and can trust.

ACDelco Garage

For ACDelco Garage, I co-hosted a YouTube series that offers information on auto parts, how-to tutorials on everything from changing your air filter, to changing your oil. Most content used in the videos was written by my team.

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